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What do you think is an example of violent extremism?

There is a specific difference between a mass shooter and a terrorist, though it does get very muddled at times. To put it simply; mass shooters generally are not politically motivated, and terrorists are.  However, it is the motivation of what they are trying to achieve. Terrorist’s motives behind their attacks transcend far beyond just terror. They are driven by politically motivated responses.

What do you think is an example of violent extremism? (continued)

What sources do you use to find information?

Which of these terrorist groups are you familiar with?

Have you ever encountered violent extremist media online?

Which of these people are terrorists?

What percentage of terrorist groups, do you think, survive for more than one year?

Overall, do you think the amount of terrorism in the world is increasing or decreasing?

How likely do you think it is for a terror event to occur in your community?

How informed do you feel you are about terrorism?

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